Active Birth Yoga for Pregnancy Classes


An Active Birth Yoga for Pregnancy Class offers the benefits of yoga in pregnancy with an effective physical and mental preparation for labour and birth....

Many women report that their Active Birth Yoga classes helped them get fully prepared for labour and birth. As a fully qualified Active Birth Teacher, Sophie weaves her knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth during the yoga classes.

Each class includes:

  • use of gravity and the breath in gentle yoga movements
  • the practice of positions for labour and birth 
  • breathing practice for labour and birth
  • relaxation and visualisation to help you connect with your growing baby
  • some time for discussion and refreshments

The classes will help you :

  • ease some of the common discomforts of pregnancy and stay healthy throughout your pregnancy
  • make you feel reinvigorated with a sense of inner well-being
  • gain confidence in your body and your inner ability to give birth to your baby
  • prepare physically for childbirth
  • meet other mothers 

The classes are suitable for all women after 16 weeks of pregnancy and right until the birth. No prior experience of yoga is required.


Contact Sophie for full details and a registration form.







+32 0499/41 41 91  | info@sophieyoga.net