Active Birth Yoga for Pregnancy

Monday 18h30-20h

(from September 2017)

Hypnoyoga for Birth (small group session) This class combines a gentle prenatal yoga practice with a 30 minute relaxation integrating hypnotherapeutic tools and breathing pratices to enhance a pregnant's woman experience of deep and nourishing relaxation as she prepares for birth

@ Yogaroots (Schuman area)



Thursday 12h30-13h45 

@ Yogaroots (Schuman area) 



Friday 18h30-20h

(until 30/06/17)
@ the Sampoorna Yoga Studio 

(Ste Catherine/Rue Dansaert)


 Saturday 10h30-12h

@ Shanti Home 

(Place Brugmann/Uccle)



       Postnatal Yoga+Baby         Massage

Tuesdays 10h-12h
@ Shanti Home (Place Brugmann/Uccle)


Hypnobirthing/Hypno Yoga for Birth (individual sessions)

 Please contact Sophie to arrange an appointment.

Sessions offered at your home, Yogaroots (Shuman area) and Shanti Home (Place Brugmann/Uccle).



Registration and information : 

If you would like more information or want to join a class, please contact sophie 

0499/41 41 91 or info@sophieyoga.net

(Please note that the weekend prenatal yoga classes often have a waiting list. Always best to contact Sophie at an early stage of the pregnancy!)


+32 0499/41 41 91  | info@sophieyoga.net