Birth Preparation Workshop

               for Couples

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    Saturday 3 February 2018


At Shanti Home (Rue Darwin 8


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 This workshop (3 hours) is designed to help women and their partners understand how the birthing mother’s body works in labour and how partners can be closely involved and become an essential source of physical and emotional support. Couples acquire enough tools to ensure they approach the birth of their baby(ies) in a confident and positive way.

We do lots of practical work, exploring and practicing the most favorable positions,   movements and breathing patterns inspired by yoga and instinctively used by many birthing women. These will encourage an effective progression of labour and a more comfortable and empowering birthing experience. Partners learn how to provide physical support to ensure the mother is comfortable, and acquire many other tools to guide the mother and respond to her needs in labour.

The workshop is best attended in the last trimester of pregnancy.


 What couples have said about the workshops:


'We have really enjoyed the workshop. My partner and myself both felt this was the 'missing link' in our journey to getting prepared for birth. The timing: week 35 of pregnancy was also very nice. The atmosphere and venue were very relaxed and inspiring to both of us.'

'The workshop was very useful to learn and practice labour and birth positions and so be better prepared for when it's the 'heat of the moment'. The body already has an idea of what feels good and what works well. I came away from the workshop feeling relaxed, but also feeling serene and confident about the birth'

'We enjoyed learning about positions and movements you can do to deal with the contractions. I think it is very helpful to have tried them beforehand, together with my partner, so that when labour starts I don’t have to begin figuring it out. I know my partner will be there to help me remember what we have practised during the workshop, while I can focus on the breathing.'

' The workshop was helpful to help my partner understand the practical side of the birthing process: seeing how a baby is actually moving down, and has to ‘turn’ to find the widest part of the pelvis, first for the head, and then for the shoulders'.

'I found it very interesting to learn that you could actually help your baby to make the journey down, instead of passively lying down and waiting in pain to see what happens next… Whereas I thought before I would not to this without an epidural, I now have a more positive idea about labour and giving birth'.

' The breathing exercises and the massaging techniques for the partner were very enjoyable and useful. The positive image given of birth and the visualisations technics for the mother are also useful tools'.  

'I learned to realize that you can influence the birth process by specific movements;
It helped me to prepare the mind set needed for labour (opening up, keep breathing)


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