Originally from France, I have been living and teaching in Brussels since 2006, where I gave birth to my second child. After experiencing the benefits of prenatal yoga and hypnosis during my own pregnancies and births, I changed career path to devote myself to sharing the benefits of those powerful practices to positively support other women/couples. I started teaching in London, before I moved to Brussels.

Over the years, I developped a very holistic approach to preparing for birth, to help women (and their partners) have a more empowered experience of pregnancy, birth, the first few months after the birth. I initially trained as an Active Birth teacher in the UK back in 2004, under the guidance of pioneer childbirth educator Janet Balaskas, and have since expanded my interest to women’s health and well-being through various other therapeutic approaches (antenatal doula guidance, self-hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Birth Trauma Release, Restorative Yoga/Yoga Nidra, women’s health yoga). I qualified as a hypnobirthing practitionner in 2010 and also completed a general hypnotherapy qualification. I am also a qualified antenatal doula.

I am the mother of two amazing young adult children.


“Sophie is a talented and kind teacher with years of experience. Her classes were essential to my wellbeing during my pregnancy and I highly recommend them”

— Doreen