What if you could free yourself from negative feelings associated to a perinatal trauma?

A fertility, pregnancy, birth or postnatal journey is not always smooth and can sometimes leave a woman, or even her partner or birth supporter with persistent negative feelings and symptoms which impact their quality of life and mental well-being long after the event has happened.

If you are experiencing flashbacks or nightmares about the event, feeling upset when talking about birth, having difficulties bonding with your baby, anxiety about the thought of being pregnant again, upset when asked to talk about the birth, etc…, you might be affected by perinatal trauma.

Traumatic Birth Recovery BIRTH TRAUMA RECOVERY


The TBR 3 Steps Rewind Technique is a brief, very gentle, safe and effective technique based on the proven neurolinguistic programming (NLP) Rewind Technique. Previous trauma symptoms are lifted by breaking the connection between the memory and the response and therefore help women free themselves from the negative impact of perinatal trauma.

During the treatment, I will guide you through an induced state of relaxation during which you will be remembering the event in a safe and specific way. You can think of it as an effortless guided meditation during which your subconscious mind does the healing work. At the end of the treatment, the memory of the traumatic event still exists, but your mind will reshape patterns of thoughts, being and feelings to lower or even suppress the negative emotional response to that memory of the event, and therefore enhance your quality of life.

(Please note that this treatment is NOT suitable if you have been given a diagnosis for a long-term mental health condition, or are in the process of being diagnosed .)


We meet over 3 personalized sessions over a period of 3 to 4 weeks (90 minutes/60 minutes/30-60 minutes) at my home studio (Schaerbeek), or online ( or a combination of both). Fees are 190€ for the full treatment.

  • Session 1 : I listen to your personal story of the traumatic event, ONLY if you wish to (this is not essential to the treatment). We will identify together how you think the event is impacting your day-to-day life and what changes you would like to experience in the current feelings and emotional response you have about the event. We end the session with a progressive relaxation technique which will be recorded for your own use at home until we meet for session 2

  • Session 2 (a week to 10 days after session 1) : After clearly explaining the process to you, you’ will be guided into a state of relaxation and through a visualisation, remembering the event in a specific way (Rewind) that feels comfortable for you, without re-triggering the negative emotions normally associated with the trauma.

  • Session 3 (10 days to 2 weeks after session 2): Check in on how you have been feeling since session 2, establish what positive changes you have noticed, and experiencing a final relaxation/visualisation to reinforce the positive feelings you’d like to develop more of. (If needed, we’ll re-run the Rewind from session 2)

If you would like to receive the Traumatic Birth Recovery treatment or have more questions about it, please contact Sophie for a free 20 minutes video call.


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