There isn’t a « one size fits all » when it comes to pregnancy and birth experiences. Sophie’s Birth Preparation sessions offer time and space for pregnant mothers and couples to really feel listened to and their specific birth preferences addressed to create sessions to best help them prepare for the positive birth experience they deserve.

Sophie is an Active Birth antenatal teacher, trained doula, prenatal yoga teacher and hypnobirthing practitioner. Based on more than 16 years of experience working with pregnant couples, you’ll receive true guidance from someone who is passionate about helping women positively transition into motherhood.

The Birth Preparation sessions currently offered are:

  • Birth Preparation for Couples
  • Hypnobirthing (see Hypnobirthing Page for more details)
  • Antenatal Doula Guidance & Support

All our sessions are bespoke 1:1 and take place at Sophie’s home studio in Schaerbeek (near Square Riga). Some sessions can also be attended online.

Read more about our sessions below.

sophieyoga individual e1697821199758 BIRTH PREPARATION


This 2 hours session is specifically designed for couples to prepare for birth. A great session to boost your confidence and prepare for a positive labour and birth experience (whether it is your first birth or you’d like a refresher class). The session is packed with tips and information on:

– the physiology of birth and how to support the natural progression of labour
– non-medicated and medicated pain-management techniques
– the best movements and positions to encourage a smooth progression of labour
– breathing techniques for the different stages of labour.
– Essential relaxation techniques

Partners learn how they can be closely involved and become an essential source of physical and emotional support, learning practical comfort measures such as massage, how to time contractions etc.

The content of the class is adapted to your own birth preferences and the birth environment you have chosen (hospital, birth house, home…).

The session complements well other birth preparation classes you may be attending but is comprehensive enough to take as a stand-alone class.
You will receive handouts and audio/video material after the session to help you practice some of the exercises at home for the last weeks into your pregnancy.

When to take this class?

In the last trimester of pregnancy (ideally weeks 34-37)


At Sophie’s home studio in Schaerbeek (near Square Riga) (online also available)



What an antenatal doula guidance session with Sophie usually includes:

  • Time to listen to you! Our sessions offer you a safe and compassionate time and space for you to talk about your experience of pregnancy, any worries or questions around labour and birth and the time beyond. (If there has been previous birth experiences, we will talk about this too and ‘debrief’ the experience(s)).
  • Discussion on your birth preferences: Sophie will give you some pointers so that you can reflect on elements of a birth plan which would best suit your needs, such as choice of birth environment, pain management techniques, interventions, etc. This will also help you ask the right questions to your (medical) care providers when you see them. In the process, you’ll learn a lot to empower yourself into a positive pregnancy and birth experience.
  • Depending on your needs and other birth preparation sessions you may be attending, we will take time to practice together some important relaxation tools such as specific breathing techniques.

When to take this class?

At any stage of your pregnancy, when you feel the need for extra guidance and support to navigate through your pregnancy journey.


At Sophie’s home studio in Schaerbeek (near Square Riga) (online also available)



“Sophie is a wonderful human being and an extraordinary teacher. I cannot thank her enough for all the tips, support and kindness throughout my pregnancies”

— Giulia

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