Birth Preparation for Couples

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What is the session about? 


This session is great to boost your confidence and prepare as a couple for a positive labour and birth experience (wether it is your first birth or you’d like a refresher class). During this 2 hours session packed with tips and information, we cover the principles of a physiological birth through the practice of movements, positions, and breathing techniques conducive of a more comfortable birth experience which can be used at home or in a hospital environment. Partners learn some simple comfort measures which they can provide at birth (such as massage and breathing support).

The class is best attended in the last trimester of pregnancy and complements well other birth preparation classes you may be attending.

What the session includes: 

  • Overview of the physiology and bio-mechanics of labour and birth: role of the birthing hormones; baby’s journey through the birth canal; discover your pelvis and uterus! How you (and partner!) can ensure the smooth unfolding of the sensitive physiology of birth.


  • Practice of gravity-efficient labour and birth positions and movements that encourage an effective progression of labour: how can partners physically support the mother; how they can use simple massage and acupressure points techniques; use of props, chair, balls etc. How the positions help mothers work with their baby and the contractions.


  • Breathing: exploration and practice of the positive role of breathing techniques during labour and birth; the connection between the breath, sounds and the opening process of birth. How can partners help mothers stay focused on their breath. 


 You will receive handouts and audio/video material after the session to help you practice some of the exercises at home for the last weeks into your pregnancy.



Please contact Sophie for fees.

This session is available as an in-person class in Brussels at Sophie’s home studio (Schaerbeek/Square Riga) ( also online but best if we can meet). Contact Sophie for more details: +32 (0)499 41 41 91 Book directly: here



Sophie qualified in 2008 as an Active Birth teacher and has since been teaching prenatal/postnatal yoga and birth preparation sessions in London, then Brussels. She is also a trained Doula with Paramana Doula and a hypnobirthing practitioner. Her private and group sessions offer the pregnant women and couples she works with powerful tools to empower them through their birthing experience and the early stages of parenting.

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