2022 Schedule Preview!

444a267a 9167 45e4 803f 52ba2156217a 300x251 1 2022 Schedule Preview!All group classes have now stopped for the holidays and will resume on Saturday 8th January 2022 (with some slight changes in the schedule and booking system).

A heartfelt THANK YOU for your support in the past few months, for showing up on your mat, being there for yourself and others. That sense of community is a true source of inspiration and positive support as well as a renewed commitment to your well-being during this special time of your life .

So, what’s up in 2022……? All details about the schedule are below. If you want to attend the group classes ONLINE (live-streamed), you can now reserve directly on the booking system. If you would like to attend the classes IN PERSON at the studio, you need to contact me (as places are still limited to adapt to the Covid situation).

Birth Preparation sessions: if your baby is due sometime in February/March/April, then make sure to book your sessions soon!

Group Prenatal Yoga Classes from 8 January 2022
(in-person at the studios and simultaneously live-streamed)

All online classes can now be booked directly on the booking calendar: https://calendly.com/prepareforbirthwithsophie

(If you’d like to attend the classes in-person at the studio, please contact me to check availabilities)

  • Saturdays 10h15-11h45 (CET) Yoga for Pregnancy & Birth (at Shanti Home) In-Person at the studio or online (live-streamed). First class on 8/01/22
  • Thursdays 18h15-19h45 (CET) Gentle Prenatal Yoga & Deep Relaxation. (Online only for January+February and hopefully back at the Yogaroots studio in March 2022). First class on 13/01/22.
  • (some) Mondays 18h45-20h15 (CET) Prenatal & Labour Positions and Movements with a Ball. Online only. First class on 17/01/22


One-to-One Birth Preparation sessions
& Prenatal Yoga
(in-person or online)

(Bookings open now for sessions takings place in early 2022)

Want to develop more confidence and skills for the time of birth? As a qualified doula and Active Birth Teacher for over 15 years, my birth preparation sessions are designed to provide you with mental and physical tools to support your pregnancy and empower you into a positive birth experience and transition into motherhood. The programmes are designed to meet YOUR needs, birth preferences, and choice of birth environment. The sessions complement well other antenatal classes you may be attending :  Prepare for birth with Hypnobirthing, Birth Preparation session for Couples, Antenatal doula guidance & support, and Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth classes. You can book your preferred date and time or contact me if you’d like more information on the content of the sessions.

Happy holidays to you and loved ones, and very much looking forward to seeing you again in the New Year,

Much love and light,

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